Advanced Reproductive Techniques for Canines


Critter Care Wellness & Rehabilitation Center - Spartanburg, SC

Accurate ovulation timing and knowing the right time to breed takes care of the most frequent cause for infertility in the female dog. Knowing the date of ovulation also sets an accurate time for the female dog to have her puppies. This is especially helpful in brachycephalic breeds where elective C Sections are recommended. Dr. Mornane has had many years of experience with breeding and brachycephalic breeds.

Breeding Techniques

Mavic Catheters are predominantly used with fresh and chilled semen. This is a technique whereby the semen is pushed in under positive pressure and pulsed to simulate a tied natural breeding.

For thawed frozen semen inseminations, endoscopic insemination is provided. This is a specialized technique requiring expertise, as the cervix of the female dog is not readily catheterized. Endoscopic insemination can be done as an alternative to a surgical insemination. Sedation is not required for this procedure.

The advantage of both these techniques is that the thawed frozen semen, which does not have long shelf life, is deposited directly into the uterus for immediate fertilization. Accurate ovulation timing is essential for this to be successful.